Santa Marta

Lecce and Gallipoli

Puglia is an unconditioned land.

A land of boundless skies, transparent waters, red grounds, mighty olive trees, tenacious winds.

Puglia is also a land of cathedrals, borghi and villages, ancient castles, trulli, restored farmhouses, chiselled stone, white lime, flavours and music.

Puglia is long, is a lot, is diverse.

From North to South, the region has different souls yet still one.

It is hard to find the point of contact, the common denominator of all its dimensions.

Perhaps is history. The ancient Greek roots.

The roots of idleness, talkativeness, cult of hospitality, good food, celebrations of Feasts.

In such a place, in the geographic region of Salento where we were born and grew up, after having acquired a long experience in the hospitality industry, we have decided to devote ourselves to those travellers who are looking for authenticity, eager to discover the real character of the places they visit, far apart from traditional tourist clichés.

This is how Santa Marta Suites & Apartments and Santa Marta Villa le Padule were born: the first as a historical dwelling in the heart of Lecce, a few steps from Piazza Duomo; the last as a luxury villa with a swimming pool in the countryside of Gallipoli, surrounded by a flourishing nature a few metres from the sea.

Special places to stay at and to return to, where you can find your own quiet “buen retiro,” your Eden. Nostalgic atmospheres with a classic charm yet a modern taste; embellished with exquisite pieces of Salentino handicrafts, meant to restore the values of tradition and to bring them into modern life.


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Santa Marta Villa le Padule is a luxury villa with a swimming pool in the countryside of Gallipoli, only a few metres far from the crystalline sea of the Ionian coast.

White, bright, turned at the sea, Santa Marta Villa Le Padule is shaped by clean lines and enchanting, warm tones blending between the sky and the land. This delightful place is designed for family and friends, fresh, cheerful and cosy.

The villa is newly constructed in Mediterranean style, totally built by the skilful hands of local artisans according to the architectural rules of Salento. All the ambiences are embellished with unique pieces of local handicrafts, from the fish traps turned into lamps to the pieces of Grottaglie pottery, all blended with elements of international design.

Apart from the distinctive architecture, the prevalent elements are the finishes in ecological microcement and the hand-painted cottovietri ceramics, in accordance with today’s needs for functionality.


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